Business development (8 classroom days, 4-6 hrs)

According to a study, up to 81% of high school students can see themselves becoming entrepreneurs in the future (Suomen lukiolaisten liitto 2011). What do we at higher education institutions need to do to nurture this enthusiasm, foster business skills, and boost young people’s confidence in their own capacity to become an entrepreneur?


After completing this module, participants (either teachers or coaches) will have a comprehensive view of business in the new economy and the skills it requires. They will know what business skills they can enhance in their own organizations. They will be familiar with networks related to business guidance services and the opportunities they provide for startup entrepreneurs. They will also acquire ability to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in their work.



  • Business development methods and trends
  • Business models
  • Innovations as drivers for the economy
  • Sales and marketing 2.0
  • Lean startup methods
  • Startups, growth, internationalization, and funding
  • Networks and customer relationships
  • Business guidance services provided by us and other organizations
  • How can I promote entrepreneurship as a coach?

The Business Development course consists of eight classroom sessions (4–6 hrs). Each session includes a preliminary exercise, real-life business example and an additional exercise aimed at testing and applying the method in each participant’s own work and working environment. The coaching will be organized in fall 2017, and the classroom days will be set in early 2017.

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