From teacher to coach (6 classroom days)

We can see the changes all around us to our everyday work triggered by factors such as globalization, entrepreneurial thinking, the aging of the population, and digitalization. Through the coach training at Y-kampus, you will be able to steer your working methods toward a more coaching-oriented approach and learn about entrepreneurial activities with your colleagues. The goal is to make the most of coaching and entrepreneurship’s potential to develop the working culture of the future.

The Coach in Me

A coaching-oriented approach is perfect for you if you feel like becoming a coach could be useful in terms of enhancing your expertise and broadening the variety of support you can provide. You are curious and enthusiastic, and not afraid to question things in a positive way. You want to get yourself and your community on board with the changes taking place in working life.



Coach training consists of three two-day intensive sessions. The theme of the first session is “The Coach in Me”.  The idea is to analyze future scenarios and changes in professional life and entrepreneurship, as well as their impact on the functioning of universities from the perspective of coaching and your own work.

The theme of the second session is “Coaching Tools”. We will expand your toolkit not only in terms of coaching, but also from the perspective of innovation and entrepreneurship. The third session is for creating your own personal coaching philosophy that summarizes what you have learned and helps you apply it in everyday tasks.

The first session will be held at an agritourism location, the second will be held at Proakatemia in Tampere city center, and the third at university premises.



The training will give you an overall picture of how to use coaching in guidance, training exercises (e.g. in a laboratory), and leading a research group. The usefulness of the new skills is not tied to any one field.

The course is based on the participatory methods used by TAMK’s Y-kampus and Proakatemia, including dialog, constant information exchange, and the use of various facilitating tools. Out of TAMK’s teaching staff, around 200 have taken part in the coach training.

“I’ve begun to understand coaching more as of a way of life than a separate tool.”


Coach Training Process:

  1. What does coaching mean to me in practice?
  2. What kind of methods work in coaching?
  3. What kind of coach do I want to become? How do we build coaching communities?


Classroom sessions, spring 2017

  • Thu–Fri, February 9–10, 2017
  • Mon–Tue, March 20–21, 2017
  • Thu–Fri, May 4–5, 2017


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