Case studies – From a dream to a career

When dreams and talent come together, ideas, innovations, and companies are born, along with future professionals with the right kind of can-do attitude.

These days, a full-time job with an employer can be rare, and it may not even be of interest to everyone. Even if you are not aiming for self-employment, a business-minded approach is an excellent asset and springboard to your dream career path.

Below, four Y-kampus alumni talk about their experiences, passions, entrepreneurship, and how Y-kampus prepared them for the journey toward their dream.

Read the case stories and write one of your own.

Meet our new student activators

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A bunch of learning curves – Braincare after two years

About two years ago in 2016, a Y-kampus article telling a bit about university spin-off company Braincare was published. Just before summer I got in contact with Katrina Wendel-Mitoraj and asked if she could afford the time to update us a little bit. Since then their path has apparently been full of learning.

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Humans of Y-kampus: Topias

Time to meet co-founder of Newspek, Topias

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Humans of Y-kampus: Antti

Today we get to know Antti (left in the picture). He is studying Computer Science at UTA and working as a Network facilitator at Y-kampus.

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Humans of Y-kampus: Veera

Meet Veera. She is a third year student of Social Psychology at UTA and a Network Facilitator at Y-kampus.

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Humans of Y-kampus: Elisa

Elisa is studying Industrial Engineering and Managemen in TUT and working as a Student Entrepreneur Coach in Y-kampus. Read her thoughts about entrepreneurship.

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Humans of Y-kampus: Minni

Anatomy and physiology teacher and a coach, Minni talks about her favourite tools.

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Humans of Y-kampus: Henri

Henri founded the first and only board game cafe in Finland. Read the whole story.

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Humans of Y-kampus: Petri

Petri is a lecturer in Mechanical and Production Engineering at TAMK and he shares his thoughts about coaching.

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Humans of Y-kampus: Riia

Riia has been one of the student representatives of Y-kampus in 2016. She tells you what made her apply and take part in building new Y-kampus.

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