TUTL-funding I/2018 info at three campuses

Time: 11.00 - 16.00
Location: Kauppi campus / University of Tampere / Tampere University of Technology

Do you want to commercialize your research ideas? Welcome to a open New knowledge and business from research ideas -funding info for the application period 1.2.-8.3.2018.


TUTL funding info at three campuses 12.12.:

11-12 Kauppi/BMT, F213 Arvo
Juho Väisänen, juho.vaisanen@biomeditech.fi, p. +358 40 1909834

12.30-13.30 Keskusta / University of Tampere main building D13
Jorma Helin, jorma.helin@staff.uta.fi

Marika Vuorenmaa, marika.vuorenmaa@tamk.fi, +358408468224

14-16 Hervanta / Tampere University of Technology, Kampusareena 5th floor, Kampusklubi Workshop-center
Pasi Keinänen, pasi.keinanen@tut.fi, +358 40 44 04 355



  • Janne Viemerö from Tekes: basics about TUTL-funding
  • What kind of support will be provided during the process by the universities
  • Applicants view


More information about the funding instrument:

On Tekes website

On Y-kampus website