Business Camp: Productization

Credits: 3 | Identifier: NN00DD18-3002 | Campus: Kauppi | Period: 15.01.2018

Course consist of online studies and intensive camp that both aim developing entrepreneurial  productization skills.

After the course participants will..

  • Understand the process of productization
  • Can plan and implement a productization process
  • Knows how to use variety of productization tools
  • Understands the importance of productization in business development


  • What kind of things you need to consider when developing business ideas?
  • What kind of things you need to take into account when planning and implementing a productization process?
  • How do you create different pricing, products and services to different segments?

Language: Finnish

More information: Miina Makkonen, valmentaja, miina.makkonen(a)