Business Development

Opintopisteet: 5 | Tunnus: N-LY0719-3011 | Kampus: Kauppi | Toteutusajankohta: alkaen 10.10.2017

Business development studies consist of planning and implementing a challenging business development project, taking active part in team dialogue workshops, reading relevant business literature and writing reflective essays based on both, the literature and working in a project. The module is based on the team entrepreneurship methodology used in TAMK Proacademy and Y-kampus, the nests of entrepreneurship studies in TAMK. As a student, you will attain the learning objectives through intense learning by doing and reflection in teams and as individuals.

Studying in a team allows you to explore ideas on important questions on themes such as setting and achieving your own goals, leadership, entrepreneurship and business, and to build your entrepreneurial skills in order to realize your dreams and goals. In order to complete the module successfully and to succeed in the project, every participant is expected to take active part to the coaching process. The learning process is based on the individual and collective experience, and you as a participant are part of that experience for yourself and for others in your team.


Pre-meeting on Monday 10th of October 2017 at 4pm. Place to be announced later.

Pre-assignment due 13th of October 2017. It includes reading a business book (you will recieve a booklist before) and writing down your objectives.

Attendance mandatory 16th – 27st of October 2017 Mon till Fri 9am to 6pm. Learning diary is due 30th of October 2017.

Language: English

Place: Y-kampus Kauppi, TAMK

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Antti Vuento